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Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine

Wedding hashtags have become ever more popular in the past few years, and are a great way to follow your guests’ posts on social media. 

For those of you not “in the know,” a hashtag is essentially a label for content, specifically twitter and instagram, as well pinterest, facebook, and . It is an easy way for others to search on a specific topic, and is a phrase or a few words with no spaces, followed by the # symbol. The current most popular hashtag on instagram at the time of writing this post, is #fashion, being used over 213,000,000 times and counting.  Other popular hashtags include #friends, and #smile.

Using Wedding Hashtags | Vermont Bride Magazine

If you choose to create a wedding hashtag for your special day, there are a few things to keep in mind:


Choosing Your Prelude Music | Vermont Bride Magazine
Photo by North Photography

The wedding prelude refers to music played as guests arrive at the ceremony site, to welcome them, and to set the mood. The prelude typically begins 20-30 minutes prior to the ceremony, and continues until the cue is received by the musicians to begin the first processional for the entrance of the wedding party. 

I once had a somewhat awkward experience due to a miscommunication regarding use of the word “prelude.” Five minutes prior to the planned ceremony start time, as previously discussed with the wedding couple, we began a special piece chosen by the couple to be a part of the prelude, in order to ensure that there would be time to play it all the way through. It was understood that it wouldn’t be immediately prior to the ceremony, but that it would be close to the planned ceremony time. We had been told that our only cue would be for the processional for the wedding party. But the minister arrived quite late. Shortly after his arrival, clearly nervous from being late, he came up to us abruptly and told us clearly that it was time. When we started the processional, he waved and shook his head, stopping the music and quietly saying “no it’s not time for the processional; it’s time for the prelude!” as he frantically pointed to the program he placed in front of us. We quickly gathered that he had interpreted the word “prelude” as meaning the single piece listed under prelude in the program, and concluded that the smoothest plan was simply to go with the flow. We immediately began that special prelude selection – which everyone other than the minister had already recently heard - again.

I often encounter confusion relative to prelude choices, so here are some common questions and confusions I’ve experienced, with answers!


Wedding Ceremony Procession Traditions | Vermont Bride Magazine

The wedding processional music is the introduction of the “big moment” – the first announcement of the life-altering commitment you’ll be making! And the specific music you choose for your processional is one of the most significant choices you’ll make in coloring the back-drop of the emotion of your ceremony. For some couples, the processional choices are clear from the start, but for most, there are several factors to consider before confirming those choices, and many couples don’t even know where to begin. Even if you know exactly what piece you’d like for your processional, let’s take a quick look at some of the particulars of applying those choices to your big day.

In particular, let’s take a look at 1) how many processionals will need to be chosen? 2) do some processional choices work better than others and will that limit options? And 3) what types of variations on traditional processional format do other couples choose? 

  1. In my experience, most couples choose 2 processionals, one for the wedding party (bridesmaids – sometimes accompanied by groomsmen, maid of honor, and ring bearer and/or flower girl) and one for the bride. But there are certainly variations on this – so see #4 below for additional options! 
  2. Do some processional choices work better than others? The quick answer is yes. I’ve detailed a longer answer below, with particular things to look for in a “perfect processional.” An alternate answer is that if it’s special to you it will probably work out just fine, and be better suited to your wedding than another piece that perfectly fits the list below! But even if you have a piece in mind, do check the list below – with planning and communication with your musician, there may be more possibilities of ways of making your special piece work perfectly than you realize!

Why you want an unplugged wedding | Vermont Bride Magazine

You’ve spent lots of time planning and paying for your big day, including researching and hiring a professional photographer to document your wedding. You want everything to go perfectly, and for your guests to have fun and enjoy each and every lovely moment. But when it comes time for you to walk down the aisle, instead of seeing your guests smiling and celebrating you in your awesome dress, you see cameras and phones instead of eyes and smiling faces. Bummer.

As a wedding photographer, I’ve seen this time and time again, or worse, had a guest ruin a perfectly framed picture by throwing their cell phone into the aisle, or hopping in front of me just before the kiss so they can get that “perfect shot” on their crummy cell phone. I guarantee my camera (and the operator) will be taking a better shot, so why not let the professional do their job? I could spend all day telling the tales of Uncle Bob ruining the professional shots, but instead I will offer up these two words of wisdom: UNPLUGGED WEDDING.


Summer 2015 LOOKBOOK


Vermont Bride Summer Lookbook | Digital Magazine

Our newest (and biggest and BEST) LOOKBOOK is live and now available for viewing online! Our exclusively digital publication, the Summer 2015 LOOKBOOK is packed with inspiration on every part of your big day - from flowers to favors to sparkler-infused send-offs. You will find great ideas and see the work of some of the best Vermont wedding professionals. The LOOKBOOK is an essential tool for helping you navigate the, sometimes daunting and stressful, task of planning a wedding. The best part is that it never expires! It will be available to view online for years to come, so you can keep coming back to it again and again to find the information you need.

With this LOOKBOOK we have added a new and exciting feature - on each advertisement featured in the magazine there is a pink button in the upper left corner. You can click on any of these buttons at any point in your browsing and it will take you to a page telling you more information about that particular wedding professional. It is just one more way we hope to make wedding planning easier and fun.

We also wanted to point out that you can share any portion of the LOOKBOOK on Facebook, Twitter, or even pin it to Pinterest! In the LOOKBOOK view screen there is a + sign in the upper right corner. Click on that and you can select any part of the page that you are viewing and choose how you want to share it. It's that easy!