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The Hidden Gold in Vermont Weddings

The Hidden Gold in Vermont | Why Vermont Wedding Vendors Are The Best | Vermont Bride Magazine
photo by Ashley Largesse Photography

Everyone knows about the blazing reds, brilliant oranges, and yellows from their late September luminosity to their late October warmth, in our Vermont autumn. Everyone knows about the lush green of the Vermont mountains in summer, and the breathtaking billows of white in the Vermont winter. These are all great reasons to have a Vermont wedding, but I would like to suggest that the best reason of all to have a Vermont wedding is the hidden gold of the people of Vermont wedding industry. Not only do these Vermonters show a high level of excellence in their own area of expertise, but a cooperative spirit which I believe is unrivaled, and truly sets the stage for the very best day possible.

I’ve had numerous conversations over the years with wedding venders who have moved from out of state. They tend to progress along the same lines. The wedding industry in other states (I won’t be specific, but we’ve covered quite a few states in these conversations!) tends to operate more on a competitive level, with each person exclusively doing their own aspect of the job, with little or no consideration of how each person fits within the big picture. The focus is not so much on the totality of the day from the couples’ or families’ experience, but just on doing their thing and moving on to the next gig. On moving to Vermont, a whole new world opened up for these wedding venders – in getting to know the other folks around them who were working on the same weddings, they realized that everything is so much more enjoyable and works so much more smoothly when they know the other folks who are parts of the same overall picture of the day. 

The Hidden Gold in Vermont | Why Vermont Wedding Vendors Are The Best | Vermont Bride Magazine

Photo by The Light + Color Photography

I’ve played music at weddings off and on for thirty years, and steadily for the past 7 years. I’ve gotten to know so many wedding venders over these years. When I arrive at a wedding I often know right off that the folks involved in the preparations of the day have done their work well, so I won’t need to worry about mishap. But more than that, I often know that I’m surrounded by folks I enjoy being with, which allows me to play my music with a sense of being surrounded by family. If Pete at Rain or Shine Tents and Events had a hand in the tent arrangements, then there’s just no worry about those storm clouds gathering and the quality and stability of the grounding and siding. If Kathleen from North Photography is smiling out from behind the camera, I know everyone will be at ease and a little more peaceful and joyful just from her calm and sure presence (to say nothing of the great photos that I know will come later). There’s a comfort in knowing that since Newt or one of his crew at Peak DJ is in charge of the sound system, I won’t have to worry about feedback through the speakers as we switch from our live music during the cocktail hour to their recorded music – the equipment will be set so it just won’t happen. All transitions will be graceful, thoughtful, well-planned, and perfectly chosen for the moment and the couple. 

There’s a certain magic that happens when a bunch of Vermonters who share a sense of trust all work at a particular wedding. The spirit of comfort, enjoyment of the day, and cooperation bubbles over in the background of the day, in a way that’s probably imperceptible to the families gathered, but with an energy and peace that infiltrates everyone’s experience. 

So go ahead and choose a Vermont wedding for its visual beauty. But if in doubt about your location, remember the truest hidden gold of Vermont is in the people. 

The Hidden Gold in Vermont | Why Vermont Wedding Vendors Are The Best | Vermont Bride Magazine
The Hermitage Club photo by Daria Bishop Photographers

Lisa Carlson (, offers ensembles for weddings and other occasions in duos, trios, quartets in a variety of instrumental combinations, and is staff wedding music writer for Vermont Bride Magazine. She also maintains a private flute  studio in Montpelier, Vermont, in addition to teaching flute at Upper Valley Music Center in Lebanon, New Hampshire, and online.