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Wishi Washi


Washi tape isn't just for scrapbooking anymore. These adorable and colorful rolls of adhesive from Japan have taken America by storm and can be found adorning everything from cards to light switches. With an endless choice of colors and patterns, not to mention the low price tag, washi tape is the perfect DIY tool to add some flair to anything. Here are some ideas for easily incorporating washi tape into your wedding decor that anyone with a pair of scissors can pull off.



With a twist of your wrist you can add eye-catching stripes to solid colored paper straws. Simple start the tape slightly above the top of the straw and unroll as you twist the straw. Cut off the extra at the top and bottom to make a clean edge.

Adding flags to your straws or creating a bunting cake topper is as easy as folding and cutting a triangle. Fold a rectangle of washi tape around a straw or some baker's twine, then cut a 'V' shape on the bottom to create the tails of the flag. Vary the lengths of the rectangle, depth of the 'V' cut, and alternate colors and patterns to jazz it up.


Create your own invitations and favor boxes for a personalized and affordable option. Print your invitation wording on kraft cardstock (or any color of your choice) and lay strips of washi tape down from the top. Cut the excess off the top with an x-acto knife for a clean edge, or simple wrap the excess around to the back for a rustic approach. Use another piece of coordinating tape to seal your envelopes closed to tie it all together. Alternatively you could wrap the tape around the width of the top or bottom of your cardstock. Do several strips for a striped look!

Take plain cardboard favor boxes and seal them closed by wrapping the washi tape around the box several times. Add a round label with your names and wedding date on the top, or write your names right on the tape with a gold or silver pen.

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images by Ampersand Wedding Photography